Fundraising is what help makes everything the Home School Association does for the school possible!  We count on the support of our school families to be able to help provide for the fun activities throughout the school year. 

Our major fundraisers include: 

Raffle - each family is required to sell 2 tickets ($25 each) for the drawing.  Each ticket sold after the 2 required a portion of the sale goes towards the family fundraising commitment. 

Gift Card Raffle Calendar - purchase a $10 chance to win a restaurant or salon gift card drawn over 30 days.  30 chances to win! 

Fowler's Easter Candy Sale - 30% of sales go towards family commitment and the rest of the proceeds support the programs and activites of HSA. 

Dash's Receipts - this is the easiest way to help us fundraise is to save your Dash's receipts! Turn them into the School Office and we send them to Dash's. 

 Questions - Email us at  

Thank you for being supportive!