The Mission of the Home School Association (HSA) of St. Mark School is to provide support and resources that enhance the children’s every day educational and spiritual experience. In fulfilling its mission, the Home School Association provides a forum for the discussion of common issues of home and school, unifies its members to carry out volunteer and fundraising to enhance the school’s progress. The Home School Association members shall serve as positive ambassadors for the school by promoting a partnership between Parents, Teachers, the Administration, and Pastor. 


Home School Association Officers

Bill Hildebrant

HSA President

Katie Kleeh

HSA Vice President

Anna O'Brien

HSA Treasurer

Aimee Bova

HSA Secretary

Our meetings are open to anyone who is a parent or caregiver to a child enrolled at St. Mark School.  The meetings are held either in the cafeteria or the school library (depending on availability) each month during the school year. 

The dates for the 2023 - 2024 school year are subject to change and will be set at the first planning meeting that will be held in August.